I have a spiral of questions to ask casbah readers. Involving movie and perceptions of reality. They start out with the obvious stoner bro question and then lead into a conspiracy theory, scifi, living in parents basement type question. This post may be the first step in a career as a full time unemployed conspiracy theorist blogger!

After having watched the Matrix, Have you thought that the Matrix was was real? ( Hey now…. Some dude at nasa is asking this question)

After having had watched the truman show, Have you thought that you were the star of the truman show and that by watching the truman show viewers of your life were getting a laugh?

After having watched Terminator 2, have you thought that some one from the future some how sent that movie back so that we can save ourselves. I have thoughts like that when I see what DARPA is up too.

Please share answers, insight and other questions movies made you ask.


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