Abundance and Manifesting What You Want

Some people assert that you can manifest things by willing them to happen, for example if you will abundance you shall receive it. I didn’t really believe this but it’s true.

Over the past years I have been trying to recreate the Casbah and the awesome environment it was to live in. An environment of abundance and giving where everything from food to housing to possessions were free. Our time and situation made the Casbah very easy to create – but that doesn’t mean it’s frozen in that time and situation.

In the beginning of December on a whim I decided I didn’t want to buy food for the whole month. A week later my roommates made the same decision. This led us through a period of minimal food and then a period of abundance. We found a few hundred loaves of bread, tortillas, croissants, bagels and pitas. Not to mention a bunch of produce.


This abundance has changed the environment in our house a lot – communal cooking was a thing before, but now it is simply how you cook food. I mean if all the food is communal why not make all the cooking communal?

This is being built upon the foundation of the friendship I have with Cha and Jamie. They are both now good friends of mine and both interesting in developing communal environments. We had been working on making our house cooler over time, cool environment, cool people, supportive roommates and automatic paper towel dispenser and house bike. This was one of the last things our house needed. Now the Glitter Gardens has been established.

After this battle for a Casbah part deux I’ve finally succeeded and got more than I bargained for. The Glitter gardens is exactly what I was looking for unbeknownst to myself. This energy radiates female queer and new age energy. And is the perfect place for me to develop into exactly who I hope to be in the future. Personal development and growth is unavoidable as we support each other conquering internal and external enemies. Basically the house I live in is amazing. Come check it out some time.


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