Coop Your House

After a hard long slow natrual struggle our house is making some of the final steps towards becoming a cooperative house. We are laying down ground rules for roommates and picking out food to communally buy. This is a far cry from our start where we didn’t cook or even know each other. But after a slow forward movement of cooking together and diving together is has finally coming to fruition.

A bunch of us had hoped to develop a cooperative housing situation, but weren’t sure where to start. I was very eager to rebirth the Casbah in Pittsburgh. After having an existential crisis I remembered what I was really looking for in the world – and started working towards that. I befriended two roommates Cha and Jamie and began cooking communal meals with them. After not much time it was almost a week and a half of communal meals.

Bad habits returned and another lull occurred, one that quickly disappeared as we began dumpster diving and stopped buying food. New roomies moved in and one that was very cooperatively minded. They began laying the groundwork and began formalizing the informal coop we had going on. It all started getting real and hopefully more organized.


Some Casbahites came and visited in the middle of this process and I was pleased to hear Mother say that the Glitter Gardens felt like the Casbah, different, she said, but similar in many ways too.

This was what I had been seeking for years. I had a huge desire to restart the Casbah, it was the nicest home I had and I wasn’t about to listen to the naysayers who say it’s hard to even make good friends after college. I pushed through and my desires and wishes were manifested in the Glitter Gardens beginning to become a cooperative. Once we formalize the buying of food the final step we’ll need is simply to get people to cook communal meals in a formal way. We have 5 excited coop-ers here. If we can get each of them to cook one meal a week that 5 days of food for one day of work.

In some ways the Glitter Gardens is beginning to eclipse the Casbah. Needn’t worry can never be replaced or forgotten. The Casbah exceeded expectations and reason in so many ways. I’m sure the Casbah will never be surpassed, though it may have a house shinning just as bright as it did – though all in the spirit of the Casbah.


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