The BMX kids

I never grew up riding BMX bikes, nor skateboards. At 19 I finally got a longboard for a fun way to get around campus. When I first moved to Pittsburgh all of my coworkers were real into BMXing. I thought it was stupid. I tried to enjoy it on a borrowed 24″ bike, but failed to. But this all changed when I finally went to the Wheel Mill.

I went on Industry night, getting half off, and rented one of their 26″ GT Ruckuses. They had just opened the pump track and I was excited to finally see the place. It is enormous. There are so many different rooms from warm up and honing rooms to a mountain bike and skate park room. The day after I went there I started looking for bikes to buy.

After being coaxed out of buying a 24″ by a coworker who had made the same mistake I found myself buying a BMX bike, Stolen’s Sinner. Then I realized I needed a way to get to the Wheel Mill, which led to this monstrosity.

<img src=”–8VS_lRBlHk/Ut8geotMOoI/AAAAAAAACDo/wA6yJjgwHNI/s640/IMG_4311.JPG&#8221; height=”480″ width=”640″ /

I got lucky with my trailer and was able to drill out a hole in the trailer and simply mount an axle and quick release skewer on it and the bike was ready to mount right on the trailer. I feel almost like I’m driving a car when I turn around to see a bike being carted behind me when I’m biking.

In my 5 days spent at the Wheel Mill I’ve learned quite a bit, I’m lucky because I have a good teacher, Ernie. He is one of the BMX kids that hangs out at the shop, he’s the best. (He even got me a crock pot for the holidays!) So right now I’m able to jump decently well with good landings, I can drop in on quarter pipes, I can 180 on quarter pipes (and even air out with the front wheel), and I just learned how to manual on the pump track.

While I felt like 25 is a bit late to start riding BMX, I’m not the only one. I know, it surprised me too but the Wheel Mill is so much fun it makes it hard not to. So whether you have never ridden or have ridden for years you need to check out the Wheel Mill. It’s loads of fun. You may just find your next hobby – I know I did.


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