Yeti life plan by Cha

I came home from work one day to find out that Cha and a friend and farmer, Meap, had written a life plan for me. I’ve written the plan below, there are three alternate endings to choose from.


Yeti is pedicabbing,
biking along,
loving life,
telling jokes…
questionable glances are exchanged.

He’s sparkling with glitter,
then with all his riches,
then Yeti buys a bike shop.

Jamie and Yeti start fixing bikes,
out in their new space.
Soon they invest in 1 pedicab.

Cha, Jamie & Yeti get together,
they all start biking produce around.
Meap pulls her truck up to the shop
loads the produce on
and we’re off!

We bike around yelling,
“produce for sale”
and we play a song.
We live happily ever after.


1. In the wintertime
we take the pedicab on a road trip.

We give pedicab rides
to fund our travels,
selling canned goods along the way.
And we live happily ever after.

2. When Yeti was pedicabing
he got so many fares because of his suit,
his beautiful glitter suit.

After opening the bike shop
the work didn’t roll in.
Instead the people rolled in,
they all wanted glitter suits.

The bike shop was closed up,
in it’s place was a glitter suit factory
glitter suits were worn by all the people.
And happiness was all through the land.


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