Dark Days

This is a shot gun blast from my scatter brained mind.  Between the pellets is the framework for which I view the world. I have had something of an addiction to shattering my world view. Feeling the liberation of everything I have been taught to be turned upside down. The rabbit hole keeps going down. It gets so dark down there that it is hard to see any light. It is made confusing by how wonderful my personnel life is. It is  easy to turn away from this because there are no short term consequences.

I used to be able to wash away alot of my attachment to this system by dumpster diving. It freed me of money, it opened me to community, sharing and my money was no longer purchasing at the expense of nature/others suffering. It showed me how wonderful and natural a more egalitarian life feels! It also opened me more to the dismal realities of the world. That I could live so comfortably on others waste! Dumpster diving is still dependent on this bigger system.

All of these realities lead me directly to a multiple year stint of nihilism and loss of all hope. It was a necessary catharsis. We need a completely new way of thinking of things or we are screwed. In the midst of all this darkness lies a rebirth of human potential that can lead to a future , even a wonderful future.  The darker it is, the brighter the stars.

Kurt Vonnegut’s son, when asked “why are we here?” , answered: ” We are here to help each other through this, whatever this is”

I have come back from my hiatus writing to the Casbahlog not to hail on the doom and gloom but to write about a positive future I want to help create as well as what gives me hope in the world.  I can’t do that without being honest about the stark realities that surround us.










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