South Beach

This past week I enjoyed one of my final family vacations. My parents and I travelled to see my brother, who moved to South Beach, Florida. He has been there since August. He’s the AM manager for a fancy restaurant in a resort hotel, The James Royal Palm. My parents booked a room in his hotel and booked flights for them and myself.

View from 16th floor elevator area at sunset.

View from 16th floor elevator area at sunset.

The room was much much fancier than any room either myself of my parents have ever stayed in. They were given a discount by my brother but the room was still quite expensive. They also had their room bumped up to a very nice one on the 16th floor. My brother had a nice food plater for all of us and very fancy whisky he bought for my dad waiting there. Our favorite thing about the room was the view from the window, which was also the first thing you saw when you walked in.


View of their actual room. The bright white color is the beach shinning through.

View of their actual room. The bright white color is the beach(seen above) shinning through.

My parents and I enjoyed ourselves while my brother worked the first few days we were there. We biked around and hung out at the beach, seeing him at dinner and for a couple hours before he fell asleep. His job has him scheduled 10 hours a day 5 days a week, but he works far more than that. I think he works around 70 hours most weeks.

From talking with him it was apparent that his job is his life right now. This was something that concerned both myself but more so my parents. He seemed to be enjoy life overall but it was difficult to get him out of work mode and have him talk about other things. It makes sense considering when we were there he went into work one of the two days he had off that week.

But we did get him away and enjoyed kayaking in a marshland in the keys and enjoyed more dinners with him. It’s always nice to be with your family and enjoy time with them. They are the people who have shaped you into who you are. It’s funny realizing habits I’ve develop because of habits they have. Overall my trip was great. I enjoyed the calm relaxation that south beach has to offer. I ignored most of the crazy people who live and vacation there. And I enjoyed time with my family.


And maybe we’ll get the joy of one more family vacation, my brother is hoping to move into a new hotel his company is building in LA. We’ll get to have the experience of a lifetime – going to two cities we never wished to go to.


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