A neighbor of my friend Curls recently had a dream about me. I hardly know the guy, only talking to him briefly a few times at gatherings that Curls and her house put on. Hearing he had a dream about me was strange, for one he didn’t even remember my name but he subconsciously knows what I’m all about from hearing what his dream was.

In his dream he was on a quest to collect a bunch of things, a scavenger hunt of sorts. The difference was that this was very important and kind of a stressful activity as he rushed from place to place finding everything he needed.

Then he bumped into me. I was just wandering around having a gay old time. Then I went over to him and tried to let him in on the secret that his quest was not real and that this was all just a dream. He knew this was the truth but didn’t want to believe me. Instead he told me to, “fuck off.” and tried to ignore me and what I was saying.

I was correct, that was only a dream and he awoke to discover that fact. But most people never awake to realize that this is all a crazy dream and set of hoops you are supposed to jump through. People go day to day stressed and worried about all the little things instead of enjoying everything they’ve got. Enjoy and appreciate what you can out of your day and realize it’s all a weird dream. When you hit a pot hole or get a flat tire on your journey look around at what there is to see. It may help you realize that the journey is the destination.


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