Come in on Your Day Off

I’ve been trying to get a raise and trying to work longer shifts at work for a while now. I’ve even asked my manager a few times. But it wasn’t until I did just that, come in on my day off that he finally listened. That he took me seriously because I was taking myself seriously. Because I wasn’t apologizing or forgiving him for anything.

I don’t get paid what I should, who does. I even get paid less than others do. I asked my manager last summer, in passing if I could get a raise. I asked him again this spring more seriously. It wasn’t until I came in just after the store opened on a day I was off that anyone really listened to me.

I think I knew this, I’m sure you know this, but it is true. You really need to take yourself seriously to get anywhere with other people. I always try and apologize for others mistakes, and try to end their awkwardness. I didn’t on that day. I let it hang in the air, the awkwardness of how little I still make despite my great work and asking for a raise numerous times. The awkwardness of the hours I work and the inflexibility my manager has been for no good reason. It hung and I didn’t apologize I took the whole situation very seriously and put the whole problem on him. It was his problem to fix, or I’d fix it on my own (by looking for another job).

That’s the same day my hours changed, I began working 8 hour shifts because I said I needed to. I haven’t gotten the raise yet but I’ve made it really serious that I want a raise and very soon. And my manager has updated me that he is just waiting to hear back from the owner about the raise.

I guess I’m writing this to say, push for it because no one else will. I know this is true, I’ve known it is true. Speak up for yourself son, and never mind what anybody else does.

Then maybe people will listen. Be it your manager, friend, partner. Remember that if someone makes you awkward maybe you should return the favor and let them know what’s on your mind. Don’t let people feel comfortable, especially if they make you feel uncomfortable. This is what I’m telling myself, I hope it works.

I’m just getting tired of respecting other people more than I respect myself.


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