Why PRIDE is important

Pittsburgh recently had Pride and the following weekend there was the annual Dyke and Trans March. This was my first time going and my first time going out as a trans person. I was truly amazed at the feeling of it. It was a feeling of comfort wearing the femme clothes I like. It was the feeling of being looked at not as a freak but as an awesome and attractive human being.


I sadly worked during Pride and missed the parade but I enjoyed wandering around at the street party. I also had the joy of having a couple of people appreciate my outfit and appearance. The first was a gay guy who bumped my arm and simply say, “hey girl.” A nice friendly hello and introduction to pride. The second was another gay guy who looked at me and simply and softly said “You’re beautiful.” I was already feeling it and hearing someone say it out loud made it even more real. I felt so beautiful and so proud. I held my head high and walked the streets of Pride knowing I was finally me and that alone was truly beautiful.

One week later was the Dyke Trans March. This was one of the most prideful moments I’ve experienced. I marched towards the front of a march with well over 100 people. We marched in the streets escorted by police walking and on motorcycles. People waved, people honked. And everyone I saw was happy to see us, with only a few confused onlookers. We even walked past a weird yinzer bar to see everyone outside and one of the people working there asked excitedly for our permission to take our picture. The entire time I had a smile on my face, I was so prideful I was almost brought to tears. I was out prancing around in a skirt for the first time to people cheering us on as we marched by.

This has led me to me accepting myself more as a trans person and the desire to take myself further into the trans person I want to be. While I started out wanting to still pass as a boy, I now am considering going quite further. Quite soon I plan on going to a gender therapist and may even go on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). I’ll leave this post off here but in the next one I’ll walk you through my current thinking on where I’m going and who I’m going to become.


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