Trans Conference

This past weekend I had the great joy of attending the first annual Transpride Pittsburgh National Conference. There were about 30 to 50 trans people in attendance and we heard speeches and were education on topics from passing on a budget to trans laws. I met a whole bunch of trans people and grew a lot from the experience. Notably I have begun fully embracing my trans identity and have started identifying as a trans woman, including going by my new name and female pronouns (as I did the whole time at the conference).

The education sessions were fun and educational. One of the most relieving things to find out was that I cannot legally be fired for being trans. The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) in a landmark case has extended the definition of sex to include gender and gender identity. I can be fired for being gay, but not trans. I also learned all about gender confirmation surgery. They are doing some cool stuff, especially with making penises out of clitorises or even thin air.

I also met a lot of trans people and felt very comfortable in the space. It was cool to get to know the community and very cool to go to a drag king show afterwards with Big S (her first drag show). I’m even hung out with one of the trans women from the conference outside of the conference. Spending an entire weekend with trans people really made me feel at home. We all know what we’re all going through and make a huge effort to support one another instead of question one another. Though I can’t say I haven’t felt an equal amount of support from almost every person who I’ve come out to (just more questions, which is understandable).

The most exciting part of the whole conference was coming into myself and feeling more comfortable being me. I love going by my new name, it makes me smile every time I hear it. If I could I would walk around saying my new name constantly (I figured that’d be a little weird). I just love hearing that name. I’ve begun getting over what other people think and I’ve begun to realize that I can be a trans woman without doing anything. All I really need is myself on board. I’m very excited about living as a trans woman and excited about now.
Before I was eager for the future when I passed more or had breasts, but I’m excited about everday. I’m at trans woman now and I’m out and I’m proud. It just feels really good.

I’ll leave you with the best speech from the entire weekend.

And feel free to ask me any questions. As Brynn said, I am your trans ambassador, probably one of the only ones you’ll ever know. We are great people I would say we are even more accepting and understanding that most.


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