My Family

When I came out to my parents they were both hesitant. They said they wouldn’t and couldn’t financially support me (they’re about to retire) and they are still coming to terms with who I am and supporting my journey. But when I talked to my family (close friends) the support was unconditional. I’ve long dealt with distant and detached parents and have called my close friends family. I talk to my close friends the way some people talk to their families. The actions of my friends throughout this was so unconditional and even more so, I am humbled and reminded of how lucky I am.

Throughout this evolution I have continually leaned on and talk to friends about what’s going on in my head. They have loved and supported me unconditionally, period. They fought and fight long and hard for me and are the only people who see me as a woman, something I am still working on seeing. They give me the hope and the courage to move forward and support me all the way.

I’m writing this to thank all of them and let them know how humbled I am by their support. I am truly appreciative and honored and feel extremely privileged. My counsellor expressed concern about being trans and how hard it is, I said that I have a pretty good support network. And I do, everyone calls me she, everyone is there to talk to and I know that my friends would want to fight anyone who wronged me.

I want to give a special shout out to a few people who have been outstanding supporters. Majesty, who may not be able to relate but knows how to listen and be there. He has helped me for years and years. Danedane, an old roommate in Philadelphia, who has loved to hear my transformation from depressed boy to strong woman and has helped me push forward and think about where I’m going. Big S who I have leaned on so much. She has been an extraordinary help I don’t know where I’d be without her. Red Beard, my long haired, big bearded friend from USAS who’s all clean cut now. He has been there for me and recently pledged to fund the entirety of my sperm banking. A move that reinforced my belief that my friends are my family and truly moved me beyond which words can describe.

I am pressing forward with the support of friends who are beyond supportive. Friends who call me Jenny and she before even I am ready. Friends who support me and look at me with awe of the amazing journey I’m going on. One even said to me, “Do you have a mentor?” And was in awe that I didn’t and had only just recently started going to a counsellor. I have my friends, correction, I have my family. They support me, give me the courage and the strength and help me through hard times.

And I know I deserve every ounce of support because you get what you give, but the support I’m getting is humbling and truly amazing. I am so honored to have the friends in my life that I have, both the once mentioned and the many out there that I didn’t. Thank you.


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