I am Who I am Mix 2015.3

1. Partition – Beyonce
“I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker”

2. Devil in a New Dress – Kanye West
“We love Jesus but you done learn a lot from Satan
(Satan, Satan, Satan)”


Kanye West shares a good deal of my views on Jesus and the use of the upside down cross. And to fill you all in I’ve been recently obsessed with upside down/St. Peter’s crosses and made myself earrings that I’m wearing right now.

3. Runaway – Kanye West
Let’s have a toast for the douche bags
Let’s have a toast for the assholes
Let’s have a toast for the scumbags
everyone of them that I know.

4. Metamorphosis: Three -Philip Glass

I would often intersperse listening to Kendrick or Kanye with listening to this album by Philip Glass. It’s an epic album and makes you chill out and feel quite epic at the same time. I’ve finally listening to enough of Philip Glass to throw him into one of my mixes.

5. Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson

This song caught me one day in the car. It also spot on reflected my views on change:

I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his way
And no message could’ve been any clearer
If you want to make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make a change

6. The Fall – Rhye

I’ve heard this described as one of the best break up songs. It’s so positive and soothing yet that is what he is talking about.
I love this album and found myself soothed by it many times.

7. Alright – Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick rocks, recently he replaced Kanye West in my listening habits. This song is especially good and up beat. But we gon’ be alright.

“Wouldn’t you know
We been hurt, been down before
Nigga, when our pride was low
Lookin’ at the world like, “Where do we go?”
Nigga, and we hate po-po
Wanna kill us dead in the street fo sho
Nigga, I’m at the preacher’s door
My knees gettin’ weak, and my gun might blow
But we gon’ be alright”

8. Blacker the Berry – Kendrick Lamar

This song is too dense for me to explain but I sincerely love it and would suggest decompressing it on genius where they dissect each part.

I relate a lot to his anger of white mainstream culture:
“You never liked us anyway, fuck your friendship, I meant it”

“You hate me don’t you? I know you hate me just as much as you hate yourself”

And I appreciate him calling himself a hypocrite for “weep[ing] when Trayvon Martin was in the street,” shortly before saying “sometimes I get off watchin’ you die in vain.” To briefly explain this he is hating a culture that in the words of his grandmother hasn’t changed because “shit don’t change until you get up and wipe yo ass.” Yet remembering that in no way does this validates killing such peoples. (In my mind this isn’t hypocritical but reminds us that bettering yourself is equally important to destroying the system oppressing you.)

I would often shout along to this song expressing my frustration at white culture in the same way I wish I would yell at others on my own behalf related to transphobic treatment I’ve received. Which makes me think of the song Transgender Dysphoria Blues by Against Me! which would be the next song were it not already on a prior mix.

9. Baby I’m an Anarchist – Against Me!

Not only is this Against Me! but it is also something I faced frequently. I have had my anarchism tested from time to time and I ran into numerous debate infatuated socialists who made me even more fervently anarchistic. The condescending know-it-all nature of socialists is frustrating. Not to mention that they are predominately white men (need I elaborate?) that makes me think of them as the left’s libertarians. Well meaning mean who think they know better than the working class and want to “help” them.

I’m an anarchist and will always be. It inspires how I relate to people and how I structure my interactions small to large. Just to note since many people compound anarchism with overthrowing the state. This is stupid, an anarchist friend and I talked briefly about this and how we thought the government should be socialists for now and less authoritarian and bureaucratic.

10. Hey Mami – Sylvan Esso

She is another soothing voice that talked to me when I was loosing it and when I wasn’t.

11. The Neighbors – St. Vincent

This song inspired some interesting art. I also listened to this album repeatedly.

“How can Monday be alright
Then on Tuesday loose my mind”

How can monday be alright

12. Depreston – Courtney Barrett

Her musing caught me. I find it entertaining, though often quite negative.

13. Atlas – Dawn of Midi

This music borderline puts me into a trance. Very good.


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