Who’s Jenny?

Hey all, this is Jenny, I’m the main author of this blog. The blog started as a blog for a house I lived in, the Casbah. It was intended as a fun way to share and communicate within the house. It had a rocky start, and I kept it going after we all moved across the globe. Since then other people posting has significantly declined and I am the main person posting. So now this catalogs my journey through life.

In August 2014 I came out as a transwoman, changed my pronouns, changed my name, quit my job and started a bike trip to kick of my new life. I was reminded of who I was an activist, nihilist, bike mechanic, tomboy and much more. This jump started me into my new life, accepting myself for who I am.

A year later in August 2015 I have also found myself struggling with a new acceptance. The acceptance that I am a spiritual warrior. I have begun regularly meditating in November 2014 and started going to group meditation and meditation classes at a Shambhala Center. I am a spiritual warrior and I have to overcome many challenges to achieve this. A major one being nihilism. I will always pay homage to who I am but I will always be and always have been a woman and a spiritual warrior.


2 thoughts on “Who’s Jenny?

  1. Hey, I found your site by searching for “double kickstand on a Surly Ogre”. I am looking to both fit fenders and a double kickstand on mine. I’d love to know how you did yours since it looks so clean. Can you tell me the brand kickstand you used, and also share what you did to make the fender hardware that fit the bike?

    Thanks, and hope your bike tours were fulfilling.

    • Hey Will,

      So exciting to hear you want to do a kickstand on a Surly, especially a double legged one (my favorite). The brand of kickstand I used was Pletscher.

      I’ve edited my blog post about my bike including more details about the kickstand and a picture of the fenders.

      The fenders is honestly really simple. It’s just a left over fender strut (or piece thin piece of flat metal) that has two holes drilled in it. Problem Solvers also makes an aluminum version of this that is awesome looking called the Fender Flute. I used a little piece of this over both the seat stay bridge and the fork which is pictured.

      Good luck! And let me know if you have any other questions or how it works out.

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